Resonance embodies an echoing of Christ that enriches and reverberates within a cultural atmosphere. Community is enhanced when synergy is embraced and each individual is building up the whole. This art gallery and showcase seeks to remind us of the harmonies and melodies each member of Christ’s body contributes to make a symphony of sound, vision, and action. We invite Christian art forms such as music, poetry, and visual pieces. We, as Reach, have already seen a bit of talent God has bestowed on his creation. We are so excited to see it altogether as you create works as worship and a reflection of faith and God.
All work must be submitted by February 11th, 11:59 pm. You will be notified of acceptance by February 16th. All physical pieces should be dropped off at First Baptist Durango February 26th and February 28th times to be determined. Opening reception will be held in the McPherson Chapel March 1st at 4pm. This will be a fundraiser as well. Poetry and music submissions will have a rehearsal, time and date TBD. Art will be held and displayed until February 31st at First Baptist. You will be required to sign a contract confirming acceptance of these conditions if selected.