Thanks for visiting our Residency Application. Check out the information below. 


The Reach Residency can flex anywhere from full time to around 15 hours a week. As long as we are on the same page from the beginning and you uphold what you’ve commited to, we can be flexible. 

The Goals for the Reach Residency is primarily your development as a resident. We want to spend time individually developing you for leadership as well as giving you practical experience in ministry. 

The Residency Program can range from 1-2 years. The Resident will work at the same times as school is in session, meaning that he or she will have Christmas and Summer break off. 

We expect the Reach Resident to be in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ having demonstrated a deep passion and ability to minister to others and build them up in their faith. We also expect them to live in holiness and be of high repute amongst his or her peers. 

As Reach, we’re looking for Residents who demonstrate a willingness to learn, have a passion and gifting for ministry, and individuals who may be considering full time ministry in the future. We are also looking for individuals who are high-character. We believe all the practical skills can be taught and learned, but character and passion are more difficult to teach.

Although we would ideally be able to pay full time staff, we are currently incapable of doing so. With that being said, we encourage Residents to find a part time job as we can offer a minimal food stipend. We also have all the resources available for fundraising and would encourage residents to raise money in order to dedicate as much time to ministry as possible.